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how can our interior designer help you?

Design a single outdoor furniture item.

Customize a whole room

Project the whole house

Hector Landgrave Casa exclusive Interior Design Service, available  online, provides you with a team of excellent staff – made up of our very own Californian interior decorators and architects – and the very latest in innovative technology, to make sure that your wishes are properly carried out to the letter, right down to the tiniest detail.

how it works?


book an appointment

Comfortably from your home, request a video chat, where you can tell us all about your needs of style, space and function. Together it will be easier to find the right solution.


an online consultant

A video call with an expert is what you need to better set your furniture choices. A path to take together, step by step, that will lead you to the most satisfactory solution.


your 3D project

After choosing the right furniture for your home, you will be presented with a 3D project so you can see through an easy app exactly how your home will look like.

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